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Sunday, April 07, 2013

I, Me, Myself

It amazing how many times I was asked yesterday if I was celebrating my birthday and if yes, how and where and with who. A few even felt bad for me because I had nothing planned and sympathized which left me highly amused. I wonder how they would react if i told them that I had a wonderful birthday. I celebrated it with myself for the most part. I read a book, I heard some great music, I wrote a poem, and I sang to myself. The later part of the day was spent with hubby.  Meaningful conversations, shared jokes, laughter, peace and harmony. It was a day well spent.

I have always been an introvert. Often people around me mistake that for my being indifferent, aloof or worse still arrogant. Fact is, I am most comfortable with me. People often confuse the word "alone" with "lonely". I am alone NOT lonely. There is a difference :)

I feel every person should have a "me" time. For me, the need for solitude is a given. Periodically, I need to retreat and indulge the hermit that resides in me. Being alone is imperative for my sanity, growth and understanding of  myself. I do try to spend time with others and be as social as I can be because I am aware that if I spend too much time alone with myself, I might begin to feel disconnected from others around me,  but beyond a point,  being social drains me. I get antsy after lots of time spent with others - simply because I need time to reflect and think and do things on my own and in my own way.


  1. I think at times being alone is so peaceful and rewarding. I find myself feeling much more grounded and recharged after a day spent with myself :)

  2. @ Gita - Welcome to the group :P