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Thursday, April 04, 2013


Sometimes, we build up emotional walls around us . It does not happen overnight. No one is born with these walls. They get built up gradually. Situations happen, trusts are broken, or you face unwarranted criticism and disrespect, and with each event a brick is laid, and brick by brick these walls gets built up.  Layer after layer, thick and strong walls.

These walls do not protect us from getting hurt, but yes, they prevent people from seeing that hurt. They prevent people from seeing the vulnerable being that we are. Most times, people perceive us as cold and indifferent because they cannot look beyond the walls or penetrate them. These walls protect us. We remain safe, secure, protected and shielded…and very very lonely too.


  1. Be careful with your mask. The walls you build to keep people out and your feelings in, may block you from expressing pain when the situation demands it.