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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Friend, My Diary

Writing and reading has always been my passion. Earlier I used to write in diaries, now I write on this blog. For me, this blog is my online diary. A friend recently asked me what I got out of writing in a diary.

“If something is on your mind, why not just talk it over with other people ?” She said.

It’s simple. My diary is always there when I need someone to share things with, it’s never busy. The fast pace at which we lead our lives, leaves people very little time to actually sit with another and share views/ thoughts/ experiences. My dairy always has the time to listen to me. It never judges or reproaches me and has no prejudice.  It has solved so many of my problems in the past as by writing down those problems, I’m forced to sit down and confront them and  solutions to problems often become apparent when the problems are in black and white.

As we grow old, our memories tend to fade out and get hazy. We only remember the major events and happenings, forgetting the smaller moments, but fact is, the stuff that is really interesting and made us who we are is often the little seemingly mundane details of life. We all will leave the world one day as millions before us have done, without leaving a trace of ourselves behind, completely forgotten. The written word will make us immortal. It will be the evidence that we were here. That we lived, loved, thought, breathed and died.

Our life too is like a diary with many pages, recording the good and bad experiences. Our dairies let us keep track of our past. Writing in them gives us a release, sitting down every evening and recalling the events of the day is very therapeutic and a yogic exercise.

Sometimes, I look back at my diaries from years ago and it makes me smile. I realize how much I've grown and matured. I feel everyone should try writing in a diary or journal. I do, and trust helps my growth as a person and a better human being.


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