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Friday, May 24, 2013

Bipolar Disorder

A school friend connects with me after almost 22 years. I am shocked. The girl I knew was a happy –go-lucky person who lived life to the fullest. This woman was a shadow of that girl. I could see a few shades of her old self here and there but the life had gone out of her.

All through the conversation, I sensed this deep anxiety in her and a fear of abandonment.  After probing, she confessed that she had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and that her husband had deserted her after the diagnosis. I was shocked.

Ever since I talked to her, I have been reading up on what exactly Bipolar Disorder is and to those who are interested, here are a few symptoms:

Panic attacks
Deep anxiety
Fear of abandonment
Mood swings
Erratic behaviors
Suicidal tendencies

A bipolar person needs love, understanding and the support of their loved ones and friends along with proper treatment. If you know someone who is bipolar, please support them, love them. Your friendship may mean the difference between life and death.


  1. indeed my friend living in Australia has been diagnosed with the problem but his is a little more complicated and he was advised compulsory meditation !
    He offlate complained of Social Media Fatigue and also stopped accessing his tweeter and fb account ..!

  2. How can a husband be so insensitive ??? I pray she gets well soon..

  3. Oh! Very sad. Is it incurable?

  4. @ Indrani - Treatments vary depending on the presentation of the disorder in a person.
    Bipolar disorder can be further broken down into Bipolar type I and Bipolar type II.

    Bipolar type I might be thought of a more extreme form of the disorder-- this is characterized by Manic episodes that alternate with depressive episodes and can also have other features like psychotic episodes.

    Bipolar II has hypo manic episodes, episodes of euphoria that are not as extreme as the mania of bipolar I.
    It is generally treated with mood stabilizers and yes therapy helps too but as far as I know, a person with this disorder stays on medication for yes I guess it can be controlled somewhat but not cured completely..

  5. @ Jack - Yes..often they become loners..shutting out the society :(

    @ Gita - My thoughts exactly :)

  6. Fear of abandonment isn't a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. It's a symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. Completely different illness.

    Panic attacks aren't a symptom of Bipolar Disorder either. They are a symptom of an anxiety disorder which cis often comorbid with Bipolar.

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