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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party Sharty Haye Haye

Attended a party. Have a massive headache. Wish I had declined politely and stayed at home reading a book instead !

Call me anti-social, introvert or whatever. Fact is – I do not like parties. More so where people drink themselves silly. I am OK in small gatherings spending quality time with my close friends sharing meaningful conversations and friendly banter but I do NOT enjoy big parties where people act “proper”, conversations stays superficial and smiles remain sugary and fake.

I cannot stand the stupidity and futility of all the drunk people! It feels like a waste of time, it makes me depressed, and  it's always disappointing.

Maybe I’m just simply anti-social or weird or abnormal, but I hate such parties :(


  1. Same pinch! I second your opinion on parties and probably share the same feelings!

    I personally do not like attending parties and have always preferred spending a silent time over reading and hence tagged as an introvert! :D

  2. @ Meghna - A book, a cup of coffee, a mehdi hassan ghazal and parties any day ! :)

  3. offlate I have started disliking parties .. with too many Hi hellos ...too much whats up man ? too many pegs ... too loud music..
    And I am sure your not the only one who does not love chaos ... :D there are few more sensible people .. and I am almost 75% revived from loving the chaos named party :D

  4. The point is that if you don’t drink you can never enjoy a party where Drinks are served. I Think on the whole Parties are good just next time Try to find a party of ur taste.

  5. @ Jack - Loud music..aah yes I forgot to add that annoying factor..thanks for reminding :D

  6. @ Jaipur - maybe you're right :)