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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Weight Loss Woes

Me: Mirror mirror on the wall
        Have I put on more weight or what ?
Mirror: don’t really want to know Renu..
Me: Oh c’mon say what’s on your mind !
Mirror: Well you HAVE and you know it too..
Me: Mirror mirror kindly keep your mouth shut you moron !!!!


  1. Ha ha ha. . . From today onwards this is my Story too. . . :p

  2. yes so much i hate the people who feel i am gaining weight .. its just the extra knowledge dripping down from head to fill rest of my body ! :D
    Nice reminder for jog from tomorrow !! :D

  3. Ha ha very well presented, this is what happens in case of most people who start their weight loss program with lot of excitement and then give up after few days or couple of weeks. The first step towards weight loss is acceptance about being overweight, easier said than done though.

  4. @ Jaipur - lol..welcome to the group :P

    @ Jack - I agree..Its the extra knowledge storing up for sure :D

    @ Ran In Jan - Thanks :)

    @ Creative Urja - I swear I aint really is excess intelligence :P

  5. If God wanted us to go on diets, he would have given us willpower :P

  6. this head's a volatile memory unit? :O

  7. LOL am I to conclude that it is intelligence that gives you this rolly-polly look ?!!