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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stranger In The Mirror

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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

The stranger who stares back from the mirror
Never fails to amaze, and scare me
The numerous small wrinkles stand out
Where once the skin lay smooth and free

There was a time her hair was smooth and black
It now lies limp, rough and grey
Life’s experience has taught her so much
And yet she has no words to say

Who is this woman I stand and wonder
And from where does she come
Has life been so hard on her
That a stranger to me she has become ?

The life has gone out of her smile
Her blank eyes have lost their spark
Her actions have become so life-less
Her persona so dull and dark

Her eyes no longer look to the future
Nor do they remember the past
The present does not matter to her
The blankness of her soul so vast

“Go away stranger !” I plead with her
“What role in my life do you have ?”
She smiles at me her vacant smile
And whispers “I’m all that you have left..”