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Friday, November 07, 2014

The Lonely Old Couple

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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

The old couple, sitting quietly by the window
Drooping shoulders, sad old figures, all alone
The crowds and the world pass them by 
As they gaze on, neglected, forgotten and unknown

They watch the children shout and play
And remember fondly of their own
Their giggles and laughs, and running so fast
And the seeds of love they had as a family sown

The daughter’s need to sit in their laps
Her non-stop chatters and dimpled smile
All now things of the past, forgotten so fast
While she grew up and moved on in life

The Son’s games of cricket, and basket ball
And the sticking of band-aid on grazed knees
His bonding with his Dad and clinging to Mom
Now just remain as cherished memories

“We are grown up now and we need our space
We have our own dreams to fulfill”
The children had claimed it was their life
Leaving the parents with their loneliness to live

The couple now sits, side by side 
The days are now spent gazing at the phone
“Will it ring today ? will the children call ?”
They sit and wonder, so lonely and forlorn