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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bonfire Of Memories

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

 Today I climbed inwards
And collected all the memories
That I had stored away
So lovingly…
The moments
We had created together
The sharing
Of joys and pains
The laughing
At such small things
The conversations
And the significant
Pauses in between…
I picked up each memory
Touched it tenderly
And relived
Each and every moment
Some made me smile
Others brought tears…
I collected each feeling
Along with every thought
To take out in the garden
And burned all
That there was
That reminded me of you
Creating a huge
Bonfire of love…
I sat there and watched
Every spark and ember
Float in the air
And soon
All that remained
Were the ashes
Of our love
And the debris of our past…


  1. Enjoyed reading the poem. Touching and profound!

    1. Thank you for reading and liking it Uppal :)

  2. Beautiful....sometimes its so important to get it go.

    1. I agree with you Shweta..carrying the baggage of past memories that only give you pain can be very some point one has to let go ..:)

  3. Very Poignant.... It reminded me of those nazm lines "Tere khat aaj main ganga me baha aaya hun aag behte hue pani me laga aaya hun"

    1. of my fav nazm by Jagjit Singh..thank you Ravish :)

  4. nice and very stirring words :)

  5. It's sad when one has to make a bonfire of loving memories, of love itself.
    The poem is poignant.

    1. Thank you..yes it's sad when one has to do this but sometimes there comes a time when all that emotional baggage becomes too heavy to carry..:)

  6. Wow!vThe pain is poetically expressed and it awed me... At the same time the sadness and longing... heartbreak and past memories haunted me... Nice!