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Friday, November 21, 2014

My Facebook Woes

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Facebook – A lovely place where I can connect with my family, friends and all others I may wish to connect with. We can share photographs and keep each other updated. At least that is what I thought it was all about initially until I experienced certain other things that started irritating me and it got to such a point that I decided to write a post on it and rant !

The “Poke” tab. I truly wonder what purpose it serves and why do people feel the need to use it. I don’t know about others but I hate being poked. It puts me off and it is simply not acceptable to me.

The “Like” tab. Ok I do use the tab when I really like something or photographs my family or friends post. But I have an issue with people who send private messages complaining about how I forgot to like each and every thing they post. And yes, let us not forget those who post their own pictures and are the first one to like them too..I mean..if you have posted a picture of yours you must have liked it to post it in the first place right ? Liking your own picture is the height of desperation.

The posts that ask me to repost. People, I love my Dad, Mom, Husband, Children and all my family. I have full faith in my religion. Do not post pictures of various gods or about family and ask me to repost them with words like “let’s see who loves them enough to repost this” or photographs of terminally ill people with messages like "like this picture to save his/her life" blah is extremely irritating.

Tagging. Do not tag me along with 50 other people in photographs that have nothing to do with me. Trust me..Everything you post is automatically visible on my timeline..You do not need to tag me in all the nature/religious/political/cartoon etc. etc. pictures that you post.

I enjoy using Facebook. I truly do..and I do not mean to be rude to anyone..but.. is my humble request to not poke me, ask me to repost stuff that is not important etc.